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What's the difference between Toner and Essence?

Hi Beauty BFFs! There are so many skincare products in the beauty aisles, it can get overwhelming. I hear confusion from my sisters, friends and clients quite often on the various types of products you can apply to the skin.

So, I wanted to highlight the difference between a toner and an essence. The two products are different but quite similar and used in a similar way.

In the past, a TONER was more astringent and cleansing (ahem, some still are) due to cleansers not cleansing your skin well and leaving residue. Fast forward to the present, there are a variety of toners that will conquer hydrating the skin, controlling oil, minimizing pores and exfoliation of the skin. You can use the product with a cotton pad or spray it on your face.

ESSENCE may have many names depending on the brand. They are meant to be used after or in place of a toner. They can also do what a toner does, but will have added benefits to the skin. They are much more hydrating and are more specific to your skin needs. It will soften the skin so the next step to your skincare routine can be better absorbed - giving your skin the most out of your products! Best used with your hands, otherwise a cotton pad works too.

I personally use both, separately, depending on how my skin feels for the day. Let me know what your thoughts are on toner vs essence? And I'd love to know what your favorite ones are! ☺️

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