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Gua Sha Facial Tools

Time to get rid of facial toxins! One of my fave things to do is using a gua sha stone on my face to massage it. I had bell palsy during pregnancy, and I can still feel my facial muscles tensing when I’m stressed. It helps me with releasing the inflammation. I truly believe in massaging your face or body to get rid of toxins.

What is Gua Sha?

- Pronounced gwah - shah, comes from the Chinese word for scraping, also known as spooning or coining.

- The practice using a tool to apply pressure and scrape the skin to relieve pain and tension by improving circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage, which helps release toxin out of the muscles and body.

- This practice of using a tool to scrape the skin to treat illnesses in ancient times originates from China/South East Asia.

What does it do for your face?

- Facial Gua Sha tools are made in all different sizes, shapes and materials such as stones, and stainless steel.

- Different stones are believed to have different healing properties. The stone or stainless steel material are great for cooling and soothing the skin.

- Reduces inflammation and decongestion. Inflammation = wrinkles or/and puffiness or stiffness.

- Releasing facial muscle tension = appearance of relaxed skin = smoother lines. They won’t go away, but massaging also helps plump the skin’s collagen production.

- Also reduces headaches.

How to use for your face?

- ALWAYS use an oil/serum/moisturizer before using any gua sha tool on the face. It has to glide on the skin, not pull the skin.

- Gently massage the tool flat and use upwards and outwards motion on the face and neck.

- You can focus on the deeper lines and gently massage those areas to make them appear smoother.

Tip: keep the gua sha tool in the fridge for cooling effects.




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