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What is Shiny Hair?

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Sensitive skin can be caused by so many factors, and has been described as skin that easily gets irritated, red and/or inflamed when you touch it or use certain types of ingredients or products.

I am not a Dermatologist, but from research and from what I know, you have to keep it simple when it comes to your skincare routine and the products. Try using gentle skincare and try avoiding ingredients like alcohol, fragrances, and chemical sunscreen.

Cleanse with a lotion/cream/oil cleanser that will be gentle enough for you skin. Tone with a gentle toner, I recommend using a spray alcohol-free toner to avoid using a cotton pad which can create some friction and irritated. Serums are optional, they can be a little too active for your skin, but if you feel like you need one for you skin concerns you should use one that fits your skin best. Moisturize with a moisturizer that is fragrance-free and keep the ingredients simple, certain oils and extracts could also be irritating. Lastly, protect with a zinc oxide sunscreen.

Take care of your skin and see a dermatologist if you can. In the mean time keep your skin care routine super simple. Here are some my skincare suggestions for sensitive skin.

Let me know below what you are using that works for your sensitive skin.

1. Cleanser: @aveenous Calm and Restore Nourishing Oat Cleanser

2. Toner: @dermalogica Ultracalming Mist

3. Moisturizer: La Solution 10 De Chanel

Only has 10 ingredients, made for sensitive skin.

4. Protect: @neutrogena Sheer Zinc Sunscreen Face Lotion - SPF 50

There are affiliate links (mainly amazon links) that help me earn a small commission from your purchase. You don't have to use these links, but if you do thank you for your support! 💋

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