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How to deal with Wavy Hair

Here are my pro-steps on how to style natural wavy hair, air dried or blowdried. This is also great for curly hair. I personaly use these products for my natural wavy hair, and they really help enhance my waves. Comment below what your fave products are for wavy or curly hair.

- Detangle hair, brushing it prior to washing.

- Cleanse the root area with a cleansing conditioner (co-wash), then spread to the ends. Rinse.

- Condition hair with a hydrating frizz-free conditioner, apply from mid area to ends. Detangle conditioned hair with fingers, leave for 1 minute. Rinse.

- Use a micro fiber towel to lightly squeeze excess water out of hair after washing from roots to ends.

- Add styling product to damp hair by scrunching it from roots to ends.

- Optional: If hair feels dry, add an oil to the ends of hair prior to styling product.

- Optional: for a more defined wave, twirl 1 inch strand of hair & twist them after applying products.

- Use the damp micro fiber towel (previously used) to scrunch your hair. Slowly scrunch the entire head by squeezing from bottom first, then work your way to the roots.

- To air dry after scrunching hair, do not touch it while drying. Touching your waves while it is air drying or when diffusing hair will disturb the hair pattern & give you frizz.

- To blowdry hair with a metal mesh diffuser. It has ions that will give shine and disperse the air flow and won't disturb the waves. Position & dry it 1-2 inches away from hair. I’ll scrunch it once or twice while drying to feel if the hair is dry.

- Use a sea salt spray at the end to give it definition and shine. Spray the waves, lightly scrunch it. The end.




@arrojonyc Rogue Co-Cleanse

@livingproofinc No Frizz Conditioner

@devacurl Frizz-free Volumizing Foam

Luxe Beauty Esssentials Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap (Amazon)

@playa Endless Summer Spray

@arrojonyc ( @ysparkusa ) Metal Mesh Diffuser

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